New York City & Jersey City



  • Field Bike Mechanic scheduling grievance, in regards to regular full time union member employees. Pretty much produced 12 Sat & Sun off days shifts instead of the 5 initially posted by management, along with 2 Fri & Sat off days shifts, 2 Sun & Mon off days shifts. unfortunately, 1 or 2 shifts ended up having to work both weekend days. Additionally a handful of regular part time union employees were able to pick either a Sat & Sun off, Fri & Sat off or Sun & Mon off, the others ended up with off days between Mon & Fri. Another extra coming from the grievance and our constant application of pressure on management was that the regular union FBM job title almost exactly doubled in size. We still have a couple issues on the shelf to hash out. Ultimately we were able to get the most important issue in the grievance that union members wanted resolved.

  • Motorized Ops Drivers who returned to work or opted for a monetary settlement after termination received what they wanted via the consistent efforts of NYC/JC representation. There names are as follows; Sheldon Braithewite, Darrell Gibbs, Ahmad Abdallah, etc.

  • Upon his return to work Darell Gibbs volunteered for an appointment to shop steward. The appointment was granted. He is active and in training.

  • Station Valet Adam Velez also volunteered for an appointment to shop steward. He was also granted the appointment and is active and in training.

  • Through years of hard work and dedication NYC/JC station chairs as well as shop floor stewards have been able to build more transparent and good faith relations with management. Thankfully throughout the past year NYC/JC union representation have been able to find fair and acceptable remedy on behalf of union members who management had issued corrective action notices for minor and every now and then a major infraction with no need to file grievance and or request for information forms.

  • Through the practice of transparency and good faith relations, NYC/JC union leadership have also achieved reductions in monetary responsibilities to be paid by union member company vehicle drivers who have been ticketed for certain moving violations while on the job.

  • At the end of the previous peak season. Management followed the rules and had no seasonal employees on-site on December 1st, 2021. But they did have temp workers. Temp workers who by the way NYC/JC union leadership did not approve of at all to begin with, on-site and on a special project that was by no means a special project as it is an end of season requirement that has been executed in NYC/JC dating back to 2013. Ultimately NYC/JC union leadership also found acceptable remedy to the issue without a need to file grievances or rfi’s.

  • As a request from the President of the TWU BIKESHARE, LOCAL 320. NYC/JC Station Chairs and the Eastern Regional Board Member made it their business to meet and begin a union representational dialogue with UMS union members. After meeting with UMS union members, we concluded that as usual, Motivate managers are clueless on how to manage employees. Union members working for UMS undoubtedly require at least a ton of time, guidance and support from union representation. Necessary requirements which cannot be addressed properly by a handful Shop Stewards. Regardless, NYC/JC union leadership is currently pushing forward and trying to address their issues and concerns, along with the issues and concerns of the other 300 plus union members they represent.

  • Currently, NYC/JC union leadership has filed and met with management over a PPE/Health & Safety grievance affecting multiple departments. Our outlook is looking great and we get union members what they want and or need sometime in the very near future by administering and enforcing our rights under the CBA.

  • We recently filed a few rfi’s and grievances which the outlook at the moment is a trifecta 75% guaranteed we win this on behalf of the affected union members.

  • Motivate recently began installing and implementing additional vehicle tracking technology into vehicles operated by NYC/JC company union member employees. NYC/JC station chairs are currently working on a grievance to address the issue. Please be advised that the technology is really not the issue. The issue is the company’s policy regarding the implementation of the technology and how the policy affects union members. The outlook is that this issue ends in an accomplishment for NYC/JC.

  • ED AVILES, VICE CHAIR STEWARD for NYC/JC, recently became aware of a rumor that seasonal employees upon commencement of this upcoming peak season, will receive a starting pay rate of one dollar less than regular senior union member employee, in all applicable company employee union job title classification. If the rumor is not simply a rumor but ultimately is true and factual? A grievance will undoubtedly be filed by ED AVILES, VICE CHAIR STEWARD for NYC/JC, and when it’s all said and done, one way or another, rest assured the grievance will be filed under accomplishment!