Transport workers union

Local 320

America's Largest Bikeshare Workers Union

United We Bargain – Divided We Beg

Indivisible – Invincible

CONTACT the LOCAL 320 office

Call or text the Local 320 office: 1-833-411-3200. We will do our best to respond to you within 72 hours. Please leave your name and the city/system for which you work. You can also email us at:

Official written requests or correspondence can be mailed to:

TWU Local 320

 ℅ Stan Jones

PO Box 882164

San Francisco, CA 94188


Call now to contact an organizer: 1-888-JOIN-TWU or click here to have an organizer from TWU International reach out to you.

Labor unions improve wages and working conditions for all workers, whether they are union members or not. Unions help reduce wage gaps for women workers and workers of color. Union members have better job safety protections and better paid leave than non-union workers, and are more secure exercising their rights in the workplace.