In 2022 I had the honor of helping two member-led committees negotiate bikeshare contracts. The negotiations with BTS in L.A. and BLMB on the Facebook campus led to two strong contracts. They have good pay increases and protections for the health and safety of the workers. These contracts will also be significant for us moving forward. The improvements we won in those negotiations can and will be brought to new ones in the future. The Motivate contract will end early 2024 and negotiations will begin in May of this year. We need to stick with what worked in the past, a strong committee led by the members and a commitment to improving the contract in all facets.

Another big lesson from 2022 is that the contract has to be enforced if it’s to be effective. We have pushed many cases to arbitration in an effort to show Motivate we won’t back down if we see them violating the contract. One such case involves P.P.E. and proper winter and rain attire for the safety and protection of our members. This grievance was initially filed by Ed Avilles in NY, and has been an ongoing issue with Motivate throughout 2022. Not only must management agree to do the right they need to implement and act. Actions must follow words.


UPDATED 01/20/2023

From time to time, dues realignments are necessary to capture contract wage increases, promotional increases, and true-ups for miscalculated or incorrectly submitted amounts. These changes typically occur in January and July of every year.

All current dues paying members will most likely see an increase in dues commensurate with the GWI raises from April and October of 2022.

*This is the formula currently used to calculate monthly dues: BIWEEKLY PAID EMPLOYEES: ((Hourly rate x 12 months) x 2 hours of work)/26 pay periods = Dues amount per check. eg: An employee making $18.00/hr pays $16.62 each pay period. eg: ((18.00 x 12) x 2)/26 = $16.62. WEEKLY PAID EMPLOYEES: If you work in the CitiBike system, the formula is ((Hourly rate x 12 months) x 2 hours)/52 pay periods because you are paid weekly.

T-Shirt design contest

UPDATED 03/29/2023

Your Union is running a contest to design the new 2023 Local 320 T-shirt. The best 12 designs will be selected by the SWAG Committee, and the final design will be chosen by the membership at the next quarterly meeting on July 7th. Those whose submitted designs are part of the top 12 will receive a free hoodie* with the final winning design along with a t-shirt.

Submit your design here.

*To participate, you must be a member in good standing. Each member can submit up to 10 designs, but contest finalists are eligible for one sweatshirt only. Submissions must be made prior to March 18, 2023. Designs should be in .jpg or .png format. A downloadable version of our logo can be found at www.twu320.org/logo.