UPDATED 03/24/2023

Anthony Farrar is the winner.


UPDATED 03/24/2023

Nomination Period: 03/13 – 3/20 (ends at 11:59PM EST)

Voting Period: 03/21 – 03/28 (ends at 8:00PM EST) 

Please email nominations to the Election Committee. Do not use company email accounts. Include your full name in the email.

A link to the official election website along with instructions will be added here once the voting period begins. 

Station Chair Election Rules


To create rules and procedures for proper nomination and election of Station Chairs. These rules were approved by the Board unanimously and adopted on April 3, 2021. 


Station Chair Responsibilities

The Station Chairperson position shall be created, subject to the approval of the Local’s Executive Board, to oversee matters of general Union concern for any prospective worksite property. The Station Chairperson shall be elected by the prospective worksite’s Membership. The full term for a Station Chairperson shall be for three years, to coincide with other union officer terms. An initial term of office for a prospective worksite may be shorter than three (3) years, depending upon when the Local 320 Executive Board approves the creation of the Station Chairperson position. It shall be the duty of the Station Chairperson to assist the Regional Executive Board Member in the administration of the Regional Executive Board Member’s duties, including grievance administration, interstation negotiations pertaining to local worksite guidelines and any other duties assigned by the Executive Board or Local President. The Regional Executive Board Member or Station Chair shall be the Chairperson of Membership meetings; except when the Local President or Vice President attends the meetings. 

Shop Stewards shall be appointed by the location's Station Chairperson, subject to Executive Board approval, and represent the Members at a particular work location/shop and assist the Station Chairperson with station duties.

Grievances should initially be filed and administered on behalf of the Membership by Shop Stewards or Station Chairpersons. The Shop Steward or Station Chairperson should attempt to solve the grievance at its source, enter the grievance into an approved database, and forward any unresolved grievances to the Regional Executive Board Member who will continue to seek resolution. Unresolved grievances by the Regional Executive Board Member shall be presented to the Local’s Executive Board for arbitration consideration.

Station Chairpersons shall be provided a monthly cell phone allowance of $25.00.

chicago station chair election

April 18, 2021 at 9:22am — April 24, 2021 at 8:00pm


The Election Committee:

Joyce Vondrasek (BOS) Co-Chair

Stan Jones (SF) Co-Chair

Daniel Beyer (DC)

Darell Gibbs (NY)

Aram Denian (SF)

All documents related to elections and voting can be found here.