Upcoming electIons – 2024


Upcoming Election Period: Ballots are to be mailed on or around February 12, 2024 to the last known mailing address on file. Returned mail ballots must be received by the Election Administrator (Ballot Point) by March 15, 2024 at 10:30am PT. Election Committee members will then witness the counting of all received on-time ballots.

If you have not received a ballot by February 22, request a new ballot here.

All questions about the election should be emailed to the Election Committee – jhoward@twu320.org 

As determined by the TWU Local 320 Executive Board, any member who is currently paying dues or who has a payroll deduction authorization on file and is employed by an entity or employer that recognizes TWU Local 320 as the representative of the bargaining unit as of January 24, 2024 5:00pm ET is considered to be in good standing and eligible to nominate candidates and run for office.

Candidates for President

Ed Aviles

New York • Driver

My name is Ed Aviles. I began at Citibike in April of 2013. In 2014 we fought management to recognize our right to a union workplace. In 2015 we ratified the first ever CBA in North America in the bikeshare industry. I've been fighting management tooth and nail ever since to enforce our contract and protect our rights.

If elected:

Patrice Delva

Washington, DC • Mechanic

I’m Patrice Delva, bike mechanic and President of Local 320, and I am asking for your vote for reelection. While we have accomplished a lot together these past 3 years, there is still much more work to do. We have expanded the Local into three new cities, won better and better contracts with three companies, and fight every day to protect our wages, working conditions, and dignity on the job. If you elect me for another three years, we will build on this success, continue to grow our network of union reps, and be prepared for all future challenges.

Candidates for western regional rep

Anne Marie Drolet

Los Angeles • Mechanic

Hi! I'm Anne Marie, I'm a bike mechanic for the Los Angeles bike share and the chief shop steward for our union. I'm also the current western regional rep, and I hope to continue representing us all on the west coast. I've been a part of our unionizing process here in LA since the very beginning in early 2021, so I feel invested in our members and care deeply about our collective success. I truly appreciate your support and look forward to continuing my work with you all. Solidarity forever!

Ryan Lee

San Francisco • Field Mechanic

This is the first union I’ve been a member of. Prior to this, I experienced the difficulties of securing competitive pay and benefits, this treatment from prior employers left me upset and disgruntled. I know that when we come together we have more power and a voice that demands attention, together we can ensure ourselves a better future. By voting for me you can be sure I will represent you as if I was representing myself. I know that when my fellow union members are being treated fairly and with respect in the work place that I am too.

Thanks for your hard work!