• Blue and Gold, colors of TWU International, and Blue and Gold being the official colors of both New York and California, representing our bicoastal presence. Our colors are Midnight Blue [002D72] and Vintage Gold [B3995D].

  • Our primary blue (formerly referred to as Prussian Blue) and most prominent color in the emblem, the same hue as the New York State flag background and the one of the three colors bars of the NYC flag.

  • According to color psychology, blue is associated with trustworthiness and reliability. Darker shades of blue in particular, because of their very close appearance to black, can be used to convey power and strength.

  • The gold lettering and geometrics (inner seal circles and trifurcating bars) represent the gold fringe border of the SF city flag. The gold is also an homage to the California gold rush of the late 1840s and early 50s 1850s, when some of the first collective actions of workers’ institutions begun to take root as a result of the conditions faced by California laborers in the frontier society.

  • Optimistic and positive, gold adds richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated - it illuminates and enhances other things around it. Traditionally, the color gold is the color achievement and triumph. At the uppermost level, this is color is associated with higher ideals, generosity, and giving.

  • The common abbreviations of all our system cities curved around the crest of the inner seal bearing our Local Number 320: DET – Detroit, BOS – Boston, DC – Washington, DC, NYC – the five boroughs of New York City and Jersey City, CHI – Chicago, SF – San Francisco Bay Area (including Emeryville, Berkeley, and San Jose), PDX – Portland, and L.A. – Los Angeles.

  • Four stars positioned between the founding city name abbreviations represent the four stars of the Chicago city flag, also crossed wrenches and a sprocket act as dividers between our newly added cities.

  • Three stars in the center seal between Local and 320 are an homage to the DC flag, another of our system cities and home of International

  • The Sky blue outline of the word TRANSPORT represents the blue of the Boston City Flag

  • The Blizzard blue outline of the word WORKERS represent the blue bars of the Chicago flag signifying lakes and waterways

  • The UN Blue that outlines BIKESHARE is taken from the Portland flag, also signifying their rivers and waterways

  • The three outlining blues are also respectful acknowledgements to nature’s beauty and need for conservancy, specifically the sky and waterways, and how Bikeshare is leading the way in promoting environmental justice and limiting carbon impact

  • Emanating from the center seal, three equal lines separated by 120° signifying the three equal regional divisions of the local,

  • Finally the chain, wreathing the emblem, representing our unbreakable spirit, interconnectedness, ingenuity, and our understanding that all parts must work in unison to continue to cohesively push and pull to passionately progress ever forward.